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All The Shiny Things: My Favorite Supplies

All The Shiny Things: My Favorite Supplies

I often get asked where to find the supplies I use in my more extravagant pieces, and while I'm certainly happy to share my sources, I think it is more useful instead to share what brands I favor so that you know what to look for, and why I use them. So here is a guide to my favorite beads, charms, and hardware. I always recommend checking your local craft shops if you have one first, but all of these brands can be found at most major, well known retailers such as Fire Mountain Gems, Shipwreck Beads, and many others. 


Lizbeth Tatting Thread
It's no secret that I favor Lizbeth tatting threads by Handy Hands.  While it does have an issue with excessive twist, it is still my favorite thread to work with.  It gives a crisp, satiny finish that I just adore.  Size 10 is my go to for the majority of my projects, and you can find a small range of colors available right here in the supplies shop or directly from Handy Hands.

Seed Beads

There are a few brands of beads I like.  For seed beads, my top two are Miyuki Delica and Toho Beads in a size 11/0.  Delica beads have a more squared edge, and a slightly larger inner diameter that makes them easier to string.  Toho beads are a more traditional rocaille shape with rounded edges.  Both brands are known for excellent consistency in bead sizes and come in a wide range of available colors. 


With Swarovski crystal beads and craft elements no longer available on the mass market, there's been an influx of new crystal brands available to fill the gap.  My favorites are Crystal Passions, Precosia, and Celestial Crystal.  

Chains, Charms, and Hardware

While there are lots of resources for hardware out there, my absolute favorite is TierraCast.  (Full Disclosure: I do have a wholesale account and buy directly from them.  It's well worth applying for wholesale if you are a small business or someone who creates a lot of pieces!) Their attention to quality and detail is only rivaled by their extensive catalog, with everything you could ever need for every kind of jewelry making.