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Witchlore: Tatted Lace Meets Modern Fantasy

Witchlore: Tatted Lace Meets Modern Fantasy

There is a quote by Ira Glass that speaks about the gap between your taste as an artist and your skill.  I have this version bookmarked so that I can watch it again, and again, whenever I feel frustrated or unworthy as an artist.  Which is honestly, quite often.  Because while everyone else around you sees the art you make in its purest form, we see our own art through the lens of it's potential.  Not what it is but what it could be.

For a long time that could be has haunted me. Because while I can fully admit that I am an expert tatter, and that I am very good at what I do (through years and years of practice, because talent is just what we call practice after we've practiced enough to make it look easy), I have always seen the potential for more.

And I finally feel like I got a chance to scrape a tiny, tiny bit of that surface. Make no mistake, this project is just a taste of what's to come.

Welcome to the first look at what it's like inside my head; what it's like to dream in lace. 

When I read that Wyrd & Wyse magazine was returning with an open call for submissions on the theme Witchlore, I knew this was my chance to step it up.  To push the boundaries of every piece that I have made before, and create something truly amazing.  It took over 150 hours of work, and I made many, many mistakes along the way, but I did it, and it's done, and I am so incredibly proud of the results. Watch the video below to get a first hand look at the entire process, and see all of the details! 

To read more about my inspiration behind this piece in my written essay The Best Villian, you can purchase the full color magazine in either an e-book or print format at