I'll Make My Own Damn Crown

I'll Make My Own Damn Crown

Is it just me, or are fairy tales always skewed to favor the princess? Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for a classic good vs evil trope. But maybe sometimes (okay, a lot of times), I can kinda see where the villain is coming from. Sure, maybe the evil queen doesn't always have the best methods. But doesn't it feel like maybe there's more to the story? And honestly, why is being determined and driven always a bad thing? Why is wanting something bad enough to chase after it wrong?

The only thing Disney taught me is that if you’re a confident woman, you’ll have to fight for what you want in this world. We all know that the maiden princess is a fiction. With her sweet, timid disposition, skin that never pimples or wrinkles, and a voice that charms even the animals. She isn’t real. None of us will ever be her, because she doesn't exist.

But the queens, with faces drawn in harsh contour, "too much makeup" (as if there is such a thing, cause there's not), and bodies that don’t conform to society’s standards? They aren’t afraid to wield their magic. They’re the witch that lives inside all of us. Strong women; not demure little girls. They know what they want, and they aren’t afraid to demand it. Nobody is just going to hand you a kingdom. Or queendom, either. If you want to rule, you have to make your own damn crown.

P.S. This tiara was made with a slightly modified version of my Regal pattern (available on my Patreon).