Lace & Magic: What Does It Really Mean To Be a Thread Witch?

Lace & Magic: What Does It Really Mean To Be a Thread Witch?

The Irish have a tradition of always leaving a mistake in their work when they craft things, particularly in lace. They believe that a part of your soul can become trapped in the threads, and the mistake is an escape hatch to let it out.  I've always been fascinated with this tradition, because I've felt it to be true.  

Not only for lace making (or fiber crafts in general) but in everything.  Magic, when you boil it down to it's most basic components, is just a combination of focus and intention. While some us like to have jars of herbs and rituals to help us hone our focus, they aren't really necessary. And anyone is capable of magic. There are small magics performed around us every day without us even realizing.  It's why soups never taste the same way twice, and why sometimes flowers last just a little longer than they should in the vase. 

I've never personally identified too strongly with the term witch.  I am certainly witchy, but I am not a witch.  I suppose in some part of my brain I associate that term with a specific type of magic.  The word witch to me is not a title or an identity, but an action.  A verb. The altar I keep and the magics I perform there don't quite mesh with my idea of what it is to be a witch.  But when it comes to thread, that is an entirely different story. 
I am a thread witch. 

I am a thread witch. It's a concept I've had difficulty describing, a nebulous idea that's even harder to pin down than explaining what it is like being non-binary. I can only define it in the terms of what I am able to do with it. 

Knot and thread magic are some of the oldest forms of magic known to man. They are versatile tools that anyone with an inkling of an idea of magic instinctively knows how to use.  Tatting has the advantage of also integrating numbers, particularly repetitive number sets, and colors.  Because of this I've found it a highly effective vessel for working magic.

But it goes beyond just imbuing my work with intention and focus, and yes, even a tiny bit of my soul (or spirit, whichever you prefer). It's in the way the thread speaks to me about what shapes it wants to form.  It's in the way my fingers understand what to do before my brain has caught up to comprehend why. I truly believe that we all have some form of magic in us, and this happens to be mine.