Emma Collar in Navy Blue


The Emma collar features a repeated tatted motif in navy blue thread with antique gold beading (14 inches over all), velvet ribbon laced through it, and  a reversible gold sun and moon charm. Closure is a lobster clasp with expandable chain. 

Named for Emma Harding Britten-- opera singer, clairvoyant, and writer.
Emma displayed an early gift for clairvoyance. As a child, she would predict what would happen to people, or them about their deceased family members, and would often play songs on the piano that people were thinking about. 
She eventually came to America with the idea to study the gullibility of Americans in terms of seances. According to record, Emma began experiencing vivid information from her childhood during these sessions, and in turn, became involved in the Spiritualist movement. 
Emma was also highly politically involved, gave many speeches in support of Lincoln, wrote The Modern American Spiritualism, started a short-lived magazine, edited books on Spiritualism, and was a founding member of the Theosophical Society.