Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure/what measurement do you need?
Measurements should be actual body measurements, taken using a tailor's tape measure (or ribbon and ruler) around the appropriate body part for the piece you are ordering. Do not include ease or "extra" length.  Generally accuracy to within a half inch/1cm is acceptable. 

What is a pre-order item?
Pre-order items are designs that are not yet made.  Offering pre-orders allows me to focus on making items to your exact specifications, giving you more options and flexibility when ordering.  Pre-orders will show a "ships in X weeks", meaning the item will ship within that time frame from the date of purchase.

What does OOAK mean?
OOAK stands for "one of a kind", meaning that item is the only piece like it in existence.  It is my policy to never exactly reproduce an OOAK or custom order piece.  If you are interested in purchasing something similar to a previously sold OOAK or custom, we can discuss options to work around the same theme or idea, but make it unique and custom to you.