Betty's Choice Thread Kit


{Delta Nu} 
Every so often, Betty the CFO, the shipper of stock, the Oracle of all things, will put together a limited edition thread kit! 
This time, they put together a kit inspired by our favorite pink loving lawyer with her own brand of bounce and sparkle: Elle Woods. Legally Blonde is one of Betty’s all time favorite movies, and fits very nicely in the “good for her” genre. 
What could be better than a babe who everyone writes off as being vapid going to law school (admittedly to win back her blah boyfriend), realizing her worth by excelling in classes and helping her friend Paulette, winning a court case with her knowledge of beauty treatments, and then graduating as valedictorian with job offers? 
And y’know, there’s also the incredible girl power, women supporting women, and being your authentic self underlying message of the entire thing.

Delta who? Delta Nu!


Kit includes 4 balls of #10 Lizbeth premium tatting thread in the colors black, pastel pink, cream, and harvest gold, and either a cream or black high heel charm.