Helena Beret [Made to Order]


Made to Order

This item will be made to your specifications.  Made to order items from the Ex Libris Obscura collection will begin shipping mid November. 

The Helena beret features a thick wool beret as the base with custom lace appliques made by Sparrow and handstitched onto the base. Color and beading options are customizable. 

Named for Helena Blavatksy, mystic and co-founder of the Theosophical Society.
Madame Blavatsky is a hugely influential person in the field of Spiritualism, but there is a lot about her life that is unclear due to a variety of stories that she told about herself, and stories that were later told by others. We do know that she traveled widely and was interested in the intersection between science, nature, philosophy, and religion, and that she worked with religious figures of differing faiths to expand her understanding. 
She did work as a medium, and wrote extensively, including books such as Isis Unveiled, which she claimed during the writing of she became aware of a second consciousness within herself that directed the writing, and The Secret Doctrine.