Sovereign Mini Crown in Red & Gold



There’s a faint stirring from inside the chamber, motes of dust dancing in the sunlight streaming through the torn tapestry. You clutch your sword closer to your side and slowly make your way into the room, taking in everything.

“Hello? I don’t know what to call you—Red Queen?— I’m here to offer you my support and allegiance.”
You kneel, balancing your sword across your palms, offering them to the dark shadow at the end of the chamber.

”Red Queen?” the disdain is almost palpable. A figure steps out from the shadows, resplendent in crimson. “I think you’ll find I’m the Red King, and I don’t need any assistance.”


Red tatted lace encrusted with seed beads, red glass crystals, gold glass crystals, and finished off with gold foil applied along the base.  Crowns are treated with a special stiffening solution that allows the piece to hold it's shape.  There is still some flexibility, and they should be treated gently to prevent them from being crushed and loosing their shape.