The Huntsman's Lament


The heart wants what it wants, I suppose. 

Just sign on the dotted line— no need to read the contract, I assure you it’s all perfectly fine— and we can begin. Is it fame and fortune you desire? Do you want to be powerful? Is it forbidden knowledge? Secrets that have long been forgotten?

You want your love back? How disappointingly bland. Go ahead and sign the contract, then. Well of course it’s blank now, I told you that you don’t need to read it, it’s all just silly words. Sign your name, that’s the only part that really matters.

Sigh. What does it cost? You humans make this all so complicated.

The Huntsman smiles ruefully as you leave, carefully tearing your signature off of the paper and tucking it into a hidden pocket. She’ll come to you later and hope that the terms and conditions are met. You foolish humans, using your heart so often instead of your brain. The moonlight twinkles off of the pendant, a regrettable reminder of the last contract.

Mystery Listing Revealed 10/25:  Dark academia and fairy tale aesthetics collide in this one of a kind lace collar with stunning sculpted focal pendant collaborated with artist Christina Bauer; you can find her shop and more of her work at

Piece measures 18" along the inner edge, with a tie closure.  It is designed to fit loosely draped around the shoulders.