Book an In Person Class

Beginner’s Group Lesson

Cost: $47 per person

Class size: 4 person min / 8 person max

Time: 70 minutes

Do you want to learn the art of tatting, but feel stressed out and overwhelmed? In this LIVE introductory class, my goal is to get you creating! We’ll cover the basics of understanding the tools and supplies, and I’ll show you the step-by-step process to make the double stitch, joins, picots, and chains (time allowing). During this class I will work both with the group and individually with each student at each step.

Advanced Group Lesson

Cost: $75 per person

Class size: 4 person min / 6 person max

Time: 1-2 hr (varies by requested techniques)

Ready to move beyond the basics and take your tatting to the next level? Advanced groups can range in experience level from a confident beginner to a long time tatter looking to expand their knowledge. All students should be comfortable with making basic rings and chains, picots, and joins. Up to 3 specific techniques may be requested per class.

Pattern Workshop

Cost: $100-$200 per person (varies by pattern)

Class size: 2 person min / 6 person max

Time: 2 hr

Have you fallen in love with one of my patterns but aren’t feeling confident enough to attempt it by yourself? Spend a day with me making one of my patterns and learning all of my tips and tricks that I don’t include in written patterns! Choose from any pattern I have published either on my Patreon or on my website, and I’ll walk you through every step. Supplies will include a printed copy of the pattern, and any components needed to make a fully completed piece.

All groups include supplies needed for each class.  Additional costs may be added for travel expenses.

To book a class, contact me via email at

Local yarn stores: ask about special rates on hosted classes at your location!