The Working

The Omen

The shadow that walks in the light.
Born of an unusual childhood, artist Sparrow has long been fascinated by the world of fashion and the desire to express new worlds and old concepts through wearable art. Growing against the odds of their ultra-conservative upbringing, their faith in the unseen and the power of dreams drives them to create.  Our signature collection, Black Omen, is an exploration of their identity and their experiences with destruction and rebirth through their lifetime.

The Oracle

The jewel that shines from the depths.
Serving as the analytical mind to balance the creative chaos, Denae is the driving force behind the brand, steering us through the shadow of the unknown and into the bright success off our future.

A Single Thread, A Thousand Knots

Like the fabled threads of fate, our signature lacework is woven and tied from a single source, creating unique and unmatched designs that cannot be replicated by machine. Through the mind of The Omen, this early 16th century technique is pulled into the present, mingling the past legacy of old crafts with the modern future of fashion and art.